From the team that brought you the joys of The Kobolds of Osha and the grittiness of Debts and Pandamonium, it is time to play an AWARD WINNING game of cosmic environmental conservationism: Cosmic Canidae!

As part of the Indie Game Academy and's Impact Jam for which this was awarded 2nd place overall by the judges' panel, we are proud to highlight the importance of preserving biodiversity to preserve the environment. Cosmic Canidae is a fictional tale set in the future to illustrate how small changes in our environment can wreak terribly effects on all of us. You can see more about the fictional world of Cosmic Canidae below the control primer and credits/attributions.


Left/Right/Up/Down - WADS or Arrow Keys
Zoom In/Out: Mouse Wheel
Pause Menu: Escape
Interaction: Enter or Left-Mouse-Button

Cosmic Canidae: Credits and Accreditation 

As this is a game jam gam, it was created in a 48-hour period with the exception of the assets attributed below; please note that some post-jam polish has been performed.

Lead Gameplay Designer: Darius DeJesus (
Project Manager: MTBVibe
UI/UX Designer: Babs
Asst. Gameplay Programmer: Jacob
Art Department 1: Minkies @VixenMink
Art Department 2:
Original Music by: Racoon Nation ~ 
QA Department: Lars

Additional Sound Courtesy of: as follows Creative Commons Attribution:

Alert 02 by rhodesmas

OtherWorlds 4 by RokZRooM

Creative Commons 0: Sci Fi UI Sound 001.wav by crash_358

Godot Plugins


Improved Resource Picker:

Godot Editor Discord Presence: 


Font information: Copyright (c) 2009, Daniel Johnson (<>), with Reserved Font Name Jura. Copyright © 2021 GGBot, with Reserv</>ed Font Name "Neon Sans".

If you'd like to grab the assets used in this project, just go to the asset page!


In Cosmic Canidae, you play the role of a Spacerancher who has been tasked with stewardship of the Neon Wolf population on the edges of our solar system. If the population becomes unbalanced a delicate biosphere of non-carbon lifeforms will fail and the ripple effects of that failure will cause the Moon to crash from orbit into NeoTokyo!!! Be quick and decisive as you play this top-down simulation game of timing and balanced interaction, and you'll succeed brilliantly.

In order to pull this off, you'll need to carefully manage the balance of Neon Wolves, Lolirusa Deer, and space vegetation. 

Be strong, Spacerancher - save the gas belt, save the Moon, and SAVE NEOTOKYO!


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