From the minds behind the Kobolds of OSHA:

You are the mighty Panda, brought low by crushing debts. In this Roaring 20s-esque world of anthropomorphic animals, you take to a life of crime to try and extract yourself from a sea of red ink. Gamble on going further into debt to equip yourself properly for missions assigned by the Boss, but every second counts - the longer you play, the more you owe!

This top-down RPG-lite menu battler is a quick play and appropriate for ages 13+. Navigate the mean streets, complete missions, talk to townsfolk, and learn that crime truly does not pay...enough to get you out of debt!


When the day starts you are given a mission; listen to the Boss to get the objective for the day. Use WASD to move around, and Q to interact with NPCs (or other interactable objects). Your mouse will interact with the buttons in the interface using left-clicks.

Use the Fixer, Nom Took, to buy any items you think you'll need to complete your mission. Then start interacting with people and objects until you have found and completed the mission!

After you complete your mission OR run out of time, a new day starts, your inventory is cleared, and you get a new mission. You have three days to get as far out of debt as you can!

(Team Mixed Martial Arts & Crafts' entry for Ludum Dare 48. This game was originally created in a GAME JAM by a team of amateurs in 72 hours and so bugs may be present in early builds.)

Tileset and sound effectss are not original, for attribution please see in-game about page.

This is the POST JAM update 1! Expect another 2 updates or so as we get all planned features into the game.

GameJam editions are the game EXACTLY as it was for gamejam submission. For a better play experience use the versioned download.

And if you want to play around with the assets in your own project, check out the debts and pandomnium assets page!


ld48-mac-GameJamEdition.dmg 88 MB
Debts and Pandemonium - Windows v4.0 83 MB

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